Apocolyptia D-Dub

Sheriff's Journal

April 9th Year of the Rabbit

After getting banished from the region by the druid colony after one of my hirelings decided to kill two bear cubs we headed out on our own to try to find the drug runners. We came across a giant chasm with only a single bridge that crossed it. There was a troll that was guarding it and we had to barter the spoon of prestidigitation to cross. After that it was a matter of hours before we came across a building of some hermit growing pot. My companions thought that this was the countryside’s drug problem, but pot doesn’t give the kind of overdose I had seen a few times over the last year and a half. Thankfully she could point us in the correct direction. So as the sun was setting we came upon a fortress built into the hills that was heavily armed and patrolled. It was looking like we might have been outgunned here from the start, but my companions were confident so we set up a stakeout and observed them for the night.

April 10th Yot Rabbit

Stakeout day.

April 11th Yot Rabbit

Last night we followed the caravan and ambushed it at a bridge. One of them got away and in the heat of the moment we forgot about him. However we took one member captive and traded information for his life early in the morning. After burning the cargo to make it look like a Blue Sun Mercenary attack we slept and headed out for the marshland promised to get us into the fortress safely. We arrived at the marsh, found a trap door leading down and headed in. Once inside we were set with a few different paths. One led to a teleportation circle, we think, the next to an irradiated water source, and the third to a bridge that might or might not have been the same irradiated water source. The monk fell in and now has a tail. After that we faced a few other trials of athleticism in what looks to have been a ruined temple of sorts (Weird). While traveling in there the party got separated into three groups. The half-orc walked into the front gate but was led into a trap in the central building. The monk and Vienda ran into a trap with a wall of force, and the remaining members and myself ran into a trap in a long tunnel. It would seem that they were informed of our presence. Either that scout we forgot about made it back, or the man who traded the information for his life betrayed said information. This found us all in cages for the night. We were interrogated by one creepy man who seemed to be in charge, though he left that night.

April 12th Yot Rabbit

Spent the day being hauled off to some unknown location where we are likely going to be slaves. Met two halflings and a human ranger.

April 13th Yot Rabbit

Those sneaky halflings had a trap set up and killed the mercs shipping us. After they took a liking to us we headed off to their headquarters where we enlisted with them and are now waiting in town for a few days for our first job. I don’t know what I think about this… after all I am still a sheriff back in Eden, but I guess the town will be fine for a couple weeks.

April 16th Yot Rabbit

It looks like the half-orc has found a panther that has taken a liking to him. The beast won’t let anyone else near it, especially not my eidolon, but it seems like a good idea to keep it around; as long as it can be controlled. We finally got our first assignment… Apparently there is a tower used to magically boost divinations that the cartel has been using and we are to go shut it down. We leave tomorrow so this should be interesting.

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